Peter Fonda, born on 23 February 1940, in New York, is an actor American, son of Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda brother and father of Bridget Fonda, being all of them are also actors. Not only highlighted for their performances, but it also has had involvement in such films as director, producer, and screenwriter.

His fame access occurred due to his performance in the film Easy Rider, movie in which, moreover, collaborated on the screenplay for what was nominated for the Academy Award for best screenplay, and production.


* Nominated for the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay for Easy Rider (1969).

* Nominated to the Oscar for best actor by Ulee’s Gold (1997).

* Golden Globe Award for best dramatic actor by Ulee’s Gold (1998).

* Mejos supporting series, miniseries or television movie actor Golden Globe award by The Passion of Ayn Rand (2000).