Steven Vincent Steve Buscemi (born December 13, 1957) is an American actor and film director and television American ancestry Sicilian and Irish.

It is known for his work in films such as Reservoir Dogs, the Big Lebowski, Fargo, Con Air, Ghost World, Big Fish, Delirious and his cameo in Adam Sandler films. It has worked repeatedly with directors such as Jim Jarmusch, Robert Rodriguez, Michael Bay, Terry Zwigoff, Tom DiCillo and so far, is the actor who has worked more with the Coen brothers. On television, he has participated in series as The Simpsons, The Sopranos, Miami Vice, Saturday Night Live, the adventures of Pete & Pete, ER and 30 Rock. Moreover has received Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominations, and won two Independent Spirit Awards. Occasionally has worked as director, having addressed to date four feature films, a film and several episodes of television series. From 2010, is the protagonist of the series from HBO, Boardwalk Empire, produced by Martin Scorsese.

The career of Steve Buscemi (that of actor worked as firefighter) has had a gradual growth: first as an actor plays, and then click independent films and low-budget to become an icon of independent film. Then was alternating, working in Hollywood (such as Armageddon Island) surpluses without neglecting independent cinema, reaching in some cases appearing in six films in a single year. Known in Hollywood as one of the most prolific secondary actors alongside Christopher Walken and John Turturro, it also stresses its rapid way of speaking, his peculiar face and by the large number of deaths suffered in his films. It was ranked number 52 by Empire magazine “100 best movie stars of all time” list.[ 3 ] For its ability to combine low funds with the defeatist character, personality it is one of the most important secondary actors of the 1990s.



Steve Buscemi was born in Brooklyn, New York, Friday 13 December 1957.[ 3 ] Sicilian from his father, John Buscemi, a former combatant Korea war and Irish his mother, Dorothy Wilson’s descent descent who worked as a maître at Howard Johnson’s, a major chain restaurants and hotels. The House where lived was owned by his grandmother, and was occupied by his five children and their families, including that of John Buscemi, his father, who was one of these apartments. John and Dorothy, slept in a drop-down sofa in the lounge; Steve and his brothers (Jon, Michael and Ken) shared a single bedroom.[ 6 ] His paternal grandfather, Giuseppe Buscemi, immigrated from Menfi, Sicily.

In 1966, to the 8 years of age, the family moved from New York East to Valley Stream, Long Island, where Steve spent much of his childhood.

«I never thought it would be able to work in films.» “That was for actors seriously.”

He graduated in 1975 the “Valley Stream Central High school” where he began to be interested by interpretation. University studied at the “Nassau Community College”, but does not have a very clear idea about its future, ended up working for four years (1980-1984) as a firefighter Little Italy, New York, on “Engine Company # 55”, area until he left that job to devote himself entirely to the performance. Started working on “comedy clubs” but soon realized that what I wanted were serious roles in plays or movies. Studied acting at the known Lee Strasberg Institute, and begin writing and directing comedy sketches in various sites of the city next to Mark Boone Junior. At that time, he formed a band called “The Pawns of Love”, where Boone played guitar and sang Buscemi. Of be an actor, besides firefighter also was waiter and led a selling ice cream truck

His first acting experience was in a play of 4th grade playing the cowardly lion in the wizard of Oz.[The first films that he saw during his childhood were Bye Bye Birdie (1963) at Sunrise Drive-In cinema and it’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) at Radio City Music Hall.

Personal life

In 1987 he married Jo Andres, Director and choreographer. And in 1991 was born Lucian Buscemi, his son. One of his brothers, Michael Buscemi, is also an actor, although less well known, it can be seen in movies like Animal Factory, Trees Lounge (where Steve directs and acts), and in 1999 she appeared in an episode of The Sopranos. It has two other brothers, Ken and Jon. Since 2005, his son, Lucian Buscemi plays bass in Brooklyn rock band called fiasco, recorded their first album, “God Loves Fiasco” in the basement of Steve.

In April 2001, during the filming of fake identity, Buscemi was stabbed in the throat, head and arm, by intervening in a fight in a bar in Wilmington, North Carolina, screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, Vince Vaughn, and a citizen of the town, Timothy Fogerty, who supposedly caused the incident.

On 12 September 2001, after the brutal terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, he volunteered his old barracks fire to work and help in every way possible. This week, worked excavating the rubble in 12-hour shifts to find bodies, while refusing to give interviews and be photographed so that almost nobody realized until much later.

In 2004, expressed support for the candidacy of Democrat John Kerry and his disagreement with what has been done by President George Bush. Attended meetings in favour of the Kerry campaign as organized musician Jon Bon Jovi in his house, which was attended by Kerry and other 300 guests contributing a total of $ 1 million to support aspiring Democrat. Four years later, he was part of a jury that would best video in the presidential campaign of Barak Obama; the competition, called “Obama in 30 seconds”, consisted in choosing between videos made by citizens of thirty seconds of duration, to then be broadcast on television. Other artists such as Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Ben Affleck, Oliver Stone, Moby also participated.


Mid 1980s

His enormous talent came to ears of Bill Sherwood at that time was planning the filming of Parting Glances (1986), a film in the form drama faced for the first time in the history of cinema the controversial subject of AIDS in homosexual relationships. This was one of his first films which began to have relevance as an actor. In it, Buscemi incarnated to Nick, a singer of rock that suffered from the disease. It was the first actor to interpret a person with HIV/AIDS.[ 21 ] This film garnered a huge success of criticism in the circuit of independent cinema, unfortunately, its director, would not take much to die, precisely due to the dreaded HIV/AIDS. With this film Buscemi would begin to become one of the most respected independent film actors. Next to Parting Glances, also highlights its role in an episode of the popular Miami Vice in 1986. During this decade would be working occasionally on TV series.

At the end of this decade, has his first works alongside important directors: alongside Martin Scorsese in one of the segments of New York stories and alongside Jim Jarmusch, on Mystery Train, both released in 1989.


In the early ‘ 90s, the Coen brothers, were he to Miller’s Crossing. From that moment became common in the Coen brothers productions later working in Fargo, the Big Lebowski, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker.

One of its stellar moments came when he accepted to participate in the film Quentin Tarantino, barely known at that time and very independent Court: Reservoir Dogs. He had to interpret the character of Mr. Rosa, a criminal who refuses to tipping. His performance was awarded the Independent Spirit Award for best supporting actor. Reservoir Dogs was a successful independent film and became a cult film, which helped Buscemi affirm his acting career. That same year Buscemi starred in the Soup, another independent film that won the jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

During this decade would continue taking place on television series such as Tales from the Crypt and Homicide: Life on the Street. He was also guest starred in the adventures of Pete & Pete, two chapters of the 1994 year playing Phil Hickle, Ellen’s father. In 1994, appears on the popular show Saturday Night Live briefly playing the same character that years before had played in Reservoir Dogs. Four years later it is hosting one of the chapters of SNL.

In 1995, she starred in living in Oblivion of Tom DiCillo which incarnated with brilliance to Nick, an independent film director. At the same time she played supporting roles in films such as Robert Rodriguez Desperado and Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead along with Andy Garcia.

Some of his best moments came when along with William H. Macy, Frances McDormand and Peter Stormare, starred in Fargo (1996) directed by the Coen brothers, a film which tells the story of a man to the limit of its economic potential that decides to handle the kidnapping of his wife to his father-in-law, who should theoretically pay the ransom money. The Coen brothers wrote the role of Carl Showalter exclusively for Buscemi. Does one of the most memorable performances of his career.

Their presence became most popular in large productions; at the same time continued to participate in low-budget productions. Trees Lounge, written, directed and starring Buscemi premiered in 1996 and made independently, was his first film as director, after previously directed the short film What Happened to Pete (1992). In October 1997, Buscemi was ranked number 52 list “The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time”, made by the English magazine Empire.

Recognition worldwide in the field of commercial cinema came after his participation in two blockbuster: Armageddon, both produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, responsible inter alia for the rock and Con Air. In Con Air embodies Garland Greene, mutilador Ohio. Despite criticisms different received this film, he played what would become one of his most memorable roles working alongside renowned actors of cinema as John Malkovich, John Cusack and Nicolas Cage. Jerry Bruckheimer delighted by his previous work with Buscemi, wanted to have back with him to Armageddon, where he worked with Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and again Peter Stormare, the film achieved great international success.

Frequent collaborations

As an actor, Buscemi has worked with some filmmakers on a regular basis. Notable is his participation in the Coen brothers between the 1990 and 2000; films films are Miller’s Crossing, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker, Fargo, the Big Lebowski, short of Paris je t’aime and Romance & Cigarettes (produced by the Coen brothers). Also appeared on the radio play Sawbones.

Also made several cameos alongside Adam Sandler movies and is a favorite actor from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and directors such as Jim Jarmusch, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, Michael Bay, Terry Zwigoff, Tom DiCillo.

Other works

Having sung during his early Pawns of Love (alongside Mark Boone Junior), group  Buscemi recorded three songs with Lou Reed: “Old Poe”, “The Cask” and “Broadway Song”. The last was included in the current version of The Raven (2003), based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The other two songs are in the limited edition of the same album.

Participated in the documentary Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11 (2006), Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (2007) and I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale (2009).

Buscemi is also a partner of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a known animal rights organization.[ 33 ] Along with other public figures as: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pamela Anderson, Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Oliver Stone, Charlize Theron, Jorja Fox, Billy Idol, Bryan Adams, Janet Jackson, George Michael, Ali MacGraw, Christina Aguilera, Chrissie Hynde, Jacqueline Bisset, Michael Owen, Robert Enke, William Shatner, Joe Pesci, among others, helped to put pressure on Korea Government to cease the torture of dogs and cats.[ 34 ] [ 35 ] The first Korean Minister stated that measures were being undertaken to avoid abuse towards dogs before being slaughtered. Dogs are electrocutados or hangs around the neck fully aware and are beaten to increase secretion of adrenaline, which believes that increases virility of the men who eat the meat, the myth said that more pain support these animals afrodisíaca and tender meat. Also sent letters to Senators from New York to encourage them to combat abuse and torture of animals in that city.

In April 2003 in New York, headed a group of protest to the winner of the Oscar, Jessica Lange, and Ethan Hawke, on Iraq Guerra, and especially against the American military action in Baghdad. American United Nations Mission presented a petition against the Iraq war with the signing of more than one million people.

A month later was arrested for participating in a protest as a result of the closure of six companies of firefighters from New York in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan). This happened during t

In 2008, Buscemi founded his producing pripia called olive productions, together with his friend Stanley Tucci. The first project was road movie Saint John of Las Vegas (2009), where Buscemi plays the protagonist role and Spike Lee and Tucci are co-producers of the tape.

Social activism

Trees Lounge, movie, written and directed Buscemi, It was dedicated to Lynne Lappin, his teacher of drama, died in 1996 at the age of 53. Buscemi alongside others, are “Lynne C. Lappin Scholarship”, a donation given each year to students graduating “Central High school”, Manager and thus help them to pursue acting.

He has written a part of “A Salute To Bravery”, a book of poems by Belle Harbor, New York, children who have suffered losses of 77 people in the community in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and also by the crash of American Airlines flight 587, that there were more than 200 victims. The book was sent to more than 400 families of firefighters killed in the September 11 attacks, and the rest, a special edition of 1200 copies were sold to donate profits to the old fire station.


Born has influenced numerous actors and actresses. Jason Lee, declared that to see the role of buttons made by Buscemi in Barton Fink knew that he wanted to be an actor.[ 37 ] [ 38 ] The Ferryman in Reservoir Dogs also gave to speak; singer-Pink (his real name is Alecia Beth Moore) was named artistic character Buscemi is the favorite movie of the singer.[ 39 ] [ 40 ] Further influenced by this role was Michael Fassbender commenting that “holds a special place” in his heart and was of great importance at the time of his career as an actor.[ 41 ] After working together in series Nurse Jackie, actor Peter Facinelli declared: “I’ve been a fan of Steve Buscemi for a long time, so be led by him was actually a taste. Also Robert Smith, leader of the British band The Cure, placed on official website of the group to Buscemi as one of their favorite actors.[ 43 ] Alicia Silverstone actress also named Buscemi as one of his favorites.  It is also one of the favorite actors Ben Austin Lejeune (Alice in Wonderland, 2010).

The rock band Blessid Union of Souls from Cincinnati, referenced in the lyrics of “Hey, Leonardo (She Flobots Me for me)” (1999), one of his greatest hits. Another less known band called Dystopia One, recorded exclusively dedicated to him, called “Steve Buscemi” theme. The Swedish band The Pale Corners also titled “Steve Buscemi” to one of his songs.

On the other hand, Buscemi quoted Robert Altman and John Cassavetes as major influences in directing.  Also appointed John Cazale as one of the actors that inspired him


As an actor

Year       Film        Paper    Director

1985       Tommy’s (short film)      Tommy                 Barry Ellsworth

1986       The Way It Is      Willy/Raphael    Eric Mitchell

Parting Glances                 Nick       Bill Sherwood

Sleepwalk           Worker                 Sara Driver

Film House Fever             Tony      Domonic Paris

1987       No Picnic              Dead Pimp          Philip Hartman

Heart     Nicky     James Lemmo

1988       Sand Brains (short film)                                 Robert Longo

Call Me                 Switchblade       Erotic Mitchell

Kiss Daddy Goodnight    Johnny                 Peter Ily Huemer

Vibes     Fred       Ken Kwapis

Heart of midnight            Eddy      Matthew Chapman

1989       Coffee and Cigarettes II (short film)        Waiter Jim Jarmusch

New York stories

segment: “Life Lessons” (notes natural)                Gregory Stark    Martin Scorsese

Slaves of New York         Wilfredo              James Ivory

Borders                Ted        Merrill Aldighieri / Joe Tripician

Mystery Train

segment: “Lost In Space”             Barber Charlie   Jim Jarmusch

Broadway nights              Whining Willie   Howard Brookner

1990       Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

segment: “Lot 249”         Bellingham          John Harrison

Force of Circumstance                   Liza Bear

King of New York             Test Tube            Abel Ferrara

Miller’s Crossing               Mink      Joel & Ethan Coen

1991       Life Is Nice          Convienent Store Clerk                 Forest Wise

Zandalee             OPP man             Sam Pillsbury

Barton Fink         Chet      Joel & Ethan Coen

Billy Bathgate     Irving     Robert Benton

1992       What Happened to Pete (short film)       Strange                Steve Buscemi

In the Soup         Aldolpho Rollo   Alexandre Rockwell

Reservoir Dogs Mr. Pink               Quentin Tarantino

CrissCross            Louis      Chris Menges

1993       Ed and His Dead Mother               Ed Chilton            Jonathan Wacks

Twenty Bucks    Frank     Keva Rosenfeld

Trusting Beatrice (Claude)                            Cindy Lou Johnson

Rising Sun            “Weasel” Willy Wilhelm                 Philip Kaufman

1994       Floundering        Ned       Peter McCarthy

The great leap   Beatnik Barman                Joel & Ethan Coen

Pulp Fiction         Buddy Holly        Quentin Tarantino

Airheads              Rex        Michael Lehmann

The Last Outlaw                Philo      Geoff Murphy

Someone who love         Mickey                 Alexandre Rockwell

Who Do I Gotta Kill?        (uncredited)      Frank Rainone

The Search for One-eye Jimmy Ed Hoyt                Sam Henry Kass

1995       Living in Oblivion              Nick Reve            Tom DiCillo

Billy Madison     Danny McGrath (uncredited)     Tamra Davis

Desperado          Buscemi               Robert Rodriguez

Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead            Mister hush        Gary Fleder

1996       Fargo     Carl Showalter   Joel & Ethan Coen

Black Kites (short film)   The father           Jo Andres

Trees Lounge     Tommy                 Steve Buscemi

Kansas City         Johnny Flynn     Robert Altman

Escape from L.A.              Map to the Stars Eddie John Carpenter

1997       With Air                Garland Greene               Simon West

The Real Blonde               Nick Reve            Tom DiCillo

1998       The Wedding Singer       David ‘ Veltri (uncredited)            Frank Coraci

The Big Lebowski             Theodore Donald “Donny” Kerabatsos   Joel & Ethan Coen

The Impostors   Happy Franks     Stanley Tucci

Armageddon     Rockhound         Michael Bay

Louis & Frank           Drexel   Alexandre Rockwell

1999       Big Daddy            Hobo     Dennis Dugan

2000       Animal Factory A.R. Hosspack    Steve Buscemi

28 days                 Cornell Shaw      Betty Thomas

2001       Double setback                 Jerry Cubbins     Tom DiCillo

Ghost World      Seymour              Terry Zwigoff

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Whithin              Officer Neil Fleming (voice)         Hironobu Sakaguchi

The grey zone   “Hesch” Abramowics      Tim Blake Nelson

Monsters, Inc.   Randall Boggs (voice)     Pete Docter

False identity     Ray Coleman      Harold Becker

2002       13 Moons            Clown bananas                 Alexandre Rockwell

Deadrockstar     Reverend Ely     Mark Boone Junior

The Laramie Project        Doc O’ Connor   Moisés Kaufman

Love in the time of money           Martin Kunkle   Peter Mattei

Mr. Deeds           Crazy Eyes           Steven Brill

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams      Rosemary            Robert Rodriguez

2003       Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over              Rosemary            Robert Rodriguez

Coffee & Cigarettes

segment: “Twins”            Waiter Jim Jarmusch

Big Fish                 Norther Winslow             Tim Burton

2004       Home on the Range        Wesley (voice) Will Finn / John Sanford

2005       Who’s the Top? (short film)         Cymon Jennie Livingston

The island            James McCord Michael Bay

Romance & Cigarettes         Angelo John Turturro

2006       Art School Confidential Broadway Bob D’Annunzio (uncredited)                Terry Zwigoff

Paris, je t’aime

segment: “Tuileries”       The tourist          Joel & Ethan Coen

Monster House                Nebbercracker (voice)   Gil Kenan

Delirious              Les Galantine     Tom DiCillo

Charlotte’s Web               Rat Templeton (voice)   Gary Winick

2007       Interview            Pierre Peders    Steve Buscemi

I Think I Love My Wife   George                 Chris Rock

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry             Clint Fitzer           Dennis Dugan

2008       I’m Dirty! (short film)      Backhoe (voice)                Galen Fott

Igor        Scamper (voice)               Anthony Leondis

2009       Rage      Frank     Sally Potter

John Rabe           Dr. Robert Wilson            Florian Gallenberger

The Messenger                Dale Martin        Oren Moverman

Handsome Harry              Thomas Kelley   Bette Gordon

Saint John of Las Vegas                 John Aligheiri     Hue Rhodes

G-Force                Bucky (voice)     Hoyt Yeatman

2010       Fight for Your Right Revisited (short film)              Waiter Adam Yauch

Youth in Revolt                 George Twisp    Miguel Arteta

Grown Ups         Wiley     Dennis Dugan

The Chosen One              Neal       Rob Schneider

Pete Smalls Is Dead         Bernie Lake        Alexandre Rockwell

2011       On the Road                       Walter Salles

Rampart                               Oren Moverman

Keep Coming Back           Satan [ 51 ]          William H. Macy

[Edit] As an actor on television

Years     Series    Paper    Episodes              Creator                 Notes

2002-2006            The Sopranos    Tony Blundetto                 16 episodes        David Chase       Buscemi directed four episodes

2007-2009            30 Rock                 Lenny Wosniak                 4 episodes          Tina Fey               Buscemi directed three episodes

2010       Boardwalk Empire           Enoch “Nucky” Thompson           12 episodes        Terence Winter                First role Buscemi as protagonist in TV

It has also participated as a guest in: Miami Vice (1986), Lonesome Dove (1989), Mad About You (1992), Tales from the Crypt (1993), the adventures of Pete & Pete (2 chapters), Saturday Night Live (3 chapters: 1994, 1998, 2000), Homicide: Life on the Street (1995), The Drew Carey Show (1998), The Simpsons (2 chapters: 2003, 2007), Tanner on Tanner (2004 and ER (2008).

As director


Year       Film        Protagonists       Notes

1992       What Happened to Pete               Steve Buscemi, Mark Boone Junior, Seymour Cassel       Short film

1996       Trees Lounge     Steve Buscemi and Chloë Sevigny            He also wrote in script

2000       Animal Factory Edward Furlong and Willem Dafoe

2005       Lonesome Jim   Casey Affleck and Liv Tyler

2007       Interview            Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller              Remake


Year       Title       Number of episodes      Creator

1998       Homicide: Life on the Street       An episode         Paul Attanasio

1999-2001            Oz           2 episodes          Tom Fontana

2001-2006            The Sopranos    4 episodes          David Chase

2007-2009            30 Rock                 3 episodes          Tina Fey

2009       Nurse Jackie       4 episodes          Liz Brixius, Evan Dunsky and Linda Wallem